Smart WiFi Touch Switch 4-Module: 2 Switches + 1 Socket – (Grey)

Smart WiFi Touch Switch 4-Module: 2 Switches + 1 Socket – (Grey)

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  • 2 Touch Switches of 10A (1 switch load can be up to 20A);
  • 1 Socket of 6A (Default); 16A socket option available (Customized)
  • Capacitive Touch Switches
  • IR remote Control
  • Mobile App Control (iOS & Android)
  • Voice Control (Amazon Alexa and Google Home)
  • Schedule ON/OFF ability
  • Color of Switch Board: Grey


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About PhantomDot’s Smart Switch Board:

This is proudly designed and made in India product, made for Incredible India. Artistically pleasing smart Wi-Fi touch switch board designed to meet your actual requirement without compromising luxury look. PhantomDot’s Wi-Fi enabled smart device does not required any additional wiring or civil work; so it can easily replace your current electrical board with our smart Wi-Fi touch switch board.


Various mode of Operating Switch Board:

  1. Manual Touch: PhantomDot switch boards are capacitive touch operated
  2. Remote Control: You can operate switch board remotely from the distance up to 20ft.
  3. Voice Control: You can use Amazon Echo series and Google Home series/Google assistance to operate switches within it’s range.
  4. Mobile App Control: Control the switches at glance using PhantomDot’s Mobile App from any corner of the world.

Apart from manual touch, it can also be operated through your voice, IR remote and/or mobile application. So you can control lighting, home appliances, TV, AC and many other thing (anything that connected with our smart switch board) from the comfort of your couch or from anywhere in the world (with the help of a working internet connection).


Want to schedule or automate switches?

With key features of scheduling, count down timer, loop timer and scene management; it ensures you won’t  miss-out anything when it comes to controlling and scheduling any connected device with our smart switch board. Also multiple family members can commonly control devices from their own devices, setup,  scene (dinner time, movie time, sleeping time, out of home, etc…)


Worried about Electric Shock?

PhantomDot Switch boards have fully covered switches with no gaps and are 100% shock proof; even if you operate switch boards with wet hands. Unlike normal switch boards, you can use our switch boards in rainy season without fear of electric shock.


Costly Appliances are at risk during thunderstorm/Power fluctuation?

Now you don’t have to worry about your costly appliances at the time of power fluctuation or during thunderstorm. PhantomDot’s smart devices comes with in-built surge protector. PhantomDot’s smart boards will block fluctuated power to reach your devices/appliances; thus your dives are risk free during uncertain power supply conditions.


Other Key Features

  • No additional installation or structural changes required.
  • Child Lock: This option will allow you to blocks manual operation of switches for safety.
  • Always get the current status. LED indicator light for connection status and current switch state (ON/OFF).
  • It can work without hub too.
  • At the time of power interruption, it will remembers switch states before Power-OFF and takes it back to same state on power resumption.


Technical Specification

  • Power Source: AC 240V 50Hz
  • 4 Module (Dimensions: 159.00mm * 94.00mm)
  • Maximum Load (Per Regular Switch): 10A (200W GLS Halogen)
  • Maximum Load (Per High Load Switch): 20A (AC up to 2000W, ~2 Ton AC)
  • Operating Temp : -25°C to +55°C
  • Wireless Standard : IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • Remote Distance : 20 ft from line-of-sight
  • Enclosure Material : ABS – FR Grade
  • Testing Switching Cycle: 3,00,000 ultra flash touch



PhantomDot provides 3 Year warranty on smart devices. Warranty periods are best in segment and is far good then industry standard. Also we provides repair service post warranty periods at nominal cost. So you don’t need to through product if its get faulty even after warranty period.


Important Note for the customized products:

Please write us your requirement about high load sockets and switching requirement (At nominal charge) at with your Order-ID and contact details within 24 hours from the order placed.


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